Drone with Wi-Fi HD Camera Live Video

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  • 720P FPV Wi-Fi HD Camera: 90° Adjustable angle, captures high-quality video and aerial photos. You can enjoy the Real-Time Viewing right from your remote control. Ideal selfie done, catching every moment of your vacation from a birds-eye perspective.
  • Innovative design:Lightweight body,Powerful motivation,Stable flight condition,longer flight time,It is a good choice for you.
  • 6-axis gyro quad-rotorcraft flight:Strong stability,can easily implement various flight movements, stronger wind resistance, easier to control.
  • One button to take off/land:Press one of the buttons on the remote to achieve automatic take-off and landing, ideal for kids and new players. Suitable for indoor and outdoor.
  • Can be presented as a holiday gift to children or friends:Comes with a detailed manual that provides Accurate Instructions about its Function and Usage.
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RC Drone with 720P FPV Wi-Fi HD Camera Live Video Racing Quadcopter Headless Mode 2.4GHz 360°flip 4 Channels Altitude Hold Indoor and Outdoor Sport Game Gifts for Kids and Adults


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Drone with 720P FPV Wi-Fi HD Camera Live Video

We are glad that you can choose our product! REMOKING S6 is a drone that is suitable for kids and drone lovers and beginners. This is a RC quadcopter which comes with FPV camera.Simple to control and easy to learn how operate it. You will experience safest and most fun flight ever!A best toy for your kids. Ideal gift for birthday and holiday!


12 reviews for Drone with Wi-Fi HD Camera Live Video

  1. Liam Swan

    Great beginner drone
    This was fairly easy to pair. it has its own little wifi network you connect your phone to.

    It has auto hover features, so you’re not constantly trying to keep it level.

    For the size, the camera quality is good as you can see in the attached pictures. It also has some different features like loops and what not.

    Has blade protectors, it all feels quite well made. I’ve banged it into a few walls and haven’t had to replace the blades yet.

    It did come with a spare set of blades which I thought was also good.
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  2. Bgnasmvni

    Add fun in your life
    I am enjoying this drone since last 8/9 days. This drone has added fun in my life, it has been common currency of joy for me and my daughter. This is my first drone and i am quite sure it is perfect for my need and budget. I strongly recommend not to use inside your house until you are confident enough to control it. I once tried it inside my room as i have posted a video above, The drone hit the wall and At first I thought like it will break or collapse as it fell straight to floor after hitting the wall but thanks god, nothing happened except few scratches on blades. It also increased my trust to this drone. Each blades has got protectors and two different light indicators to indicate front and back side of the drone. It is light and really beautiful and the battery of the drone is rechargeable, you can also use you mobile phone charger but you need 3 small batteries for you remote controller or joy sticks.
    I highly recommend for those who are first users, need something for fun and general photography. Thanks to the seller and manufacturers.

  3. Kas017

    A perfect drone for beginners. Came with a perfect packaging. It was so easy to assemble. It comes with the blades safety which saved me from breaking the blades as I crashed a couple of times. And it came with spare blades which is very hand in case they break or damage.
    It mad multi function like expensive drones. I bought it at a lightening deal of 15% which I got even cheaper.
    It has many features like one touch take off and one touch loading, emergency landing button and altitude hold which was very helpful to take photos and videos. It’s very light, so, it gets blown away when it’s too windy. It’s a perfect drone for a beginner like me where I got to practice a commercial drone flying techniques a syanu the photos and videos are of high quality.

  4. Voon Chin Lai

    Really like this drone . It is light and easy to control . The installation part is easy , just need to follow step by step according to the manual . It does comes with some spare pet as well incase the parts got damaged after hitting something which is great . The camera on the drone is quite clear as well . It is a good toy for the young one To play at open field . The joystick is quite sensitive and communicate well to the drone . Happy with the purchase .

  5. Radha

    The drone comes with a detailed instruction manual which make the initial setup a piece of cake. The controls are so easy and that’s what makes it great for beginners. It is very stable during the flight and can take off and land by simply pressing one button. It also comes with guards which protect the drone and and also has spare wings and other accessories.
    Very easy to connect to the phones and the quality of video and image obtained are quite good We are still exploring it’s features but are quite satisfied with what we have seen so far.

  6. Matt

    Good fun, great video drone !!
    I liked the fact that the drone was easy to put together and you could actually start flying it after 5 minutes of opening the box.
    I took the drone down the beach to start to learn how to fly without hitting any objects or walls. Was a good experience and great fun with my girlfriend (she has a go as well)
    I would definitely recommend it to some kids as well or to someone that just wants to fly a drone and shoot nice video with it !

  7. Pinkmotto

    One of the best Drones under $100!
    The flight time is better compared to other ones I tried. for a single charge i can get around 10mins of flight time.
    Because the drone is so light it can easily be swayed by high winds. although during my trial flight it held up pretty well considering it doesn’t have much auto flight corrections built in.
    It says in can go up to 50m away butI was able to only get it to 30m. still pretty decent considering the price! It can do some aerobatics like flips and has a button to taking off, landing and headless mode.
    The package included extra set of props and prop guards. and it comes with the option to put a landing strut as well.
    Overall pretty happy with my first drone with camera. More importantly the kids are happy as well.

  8. Jac Casey

    Fly away with great photos
    Don’t expect DJI-quality, but for its price, this produces one of the best photos. It’s sharp, not too grainy, and bright. The controls make it very easy to fly the drone too. It isn’t like the typical drone remotes. It is based on video game controls, and that helps the younger ones a lot since they play more games than drones. It has headless mode which makes it easy. One button push and it flies and then hovers, one button push and it lands. It also has advance modes that does flips. The battery lasts long enough for good shots and fun. It flies away with great photos!

  9. Anber Chen

    Valuable toy
    I am new at Drone but it not really hard to control. This toy is suitable for somebody who want to play batter Drone and use it to training. However this one is really valuable product! For me,I am not senior drone player, so it eough for me!

  10. Melmal

    Smart Toy
    I bought this as a gift to a friend’s kid. I tried it and found it easy to operate. It has a great balance while it’s at midair. Easy to fly and lots of fun. You will need 3 AAA batteries. Good fly time & decent range.The kid loved it and chased it around.

  11. suvivor649

    Product is Awesome
    Great pruchase. flies smooth and with a really good camera too! good for intermediate, pros and learners because of the good controls and protecting frame.

  12. J.G.Dean

    Great customer service by the Win Win toy company
    The first one I bought as a gift for my grandson was faulty. I contacted the company it was replaced very quickly with no fuss what so ever. The second one works perfectly and he is one happy boy now. Thanks for your outstanding customer service.

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drone with camera
Drone with Wi-Fi HD Camera Live Video
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